the speaker cllr nm buthelezi (1)

Speaker: Cllr NM Buthelezi

The Statutory functions of the Speaker as set out Section 37 of the Structures Act are the following:
1. Presides at meetings of the council;
2. Ensures that council meets at least quarterly;
3. Maintains order during meetings of the council and ensures that the meetings are conducted in compliance with the council’s rules of order and procedures;
4. Performs all other duties assigned to him/her in the council’s rules of order and procedures
5. Ensures compliance in the council and council committees with the Code of Conduct as set out in Schedule 1 to the Municipal Systems Act.
6. Signing the minutes of council meetings;
7. Must ensure that council committees are functioning effectively and efficiently, thus supporting council committees within its powers to perform its functions;
8. Must see to it that the training of council committees in their respective portfolios is taking place, in order to build capacity in committees;
9. Should monitor the performance of the council in terms of its objectives;
10. Should prepare a well-planned year programme for council to deal with routine operational issues according to legal requirements and a capacity building programme for councilors;
11. Must see to it that proper reporting procedures from EXCO to council are place
12. Must advise the councilor in writing of any allegations against him/her if alleged misconduct has occurred;
13. Shall ensure that all ward committees are functional and report to Council
14. Shall sit as ex-officio member of EXCO and all council committees; Shall in the absence of both the mayor and deputy mayor perform ceremonial functions of the Municipality;
15. Subject to relevant statutes, to approve the attendance by Councilors of meetings, conferences etc., within the RSA, thus ensuring that, in particular, Executive Councilors and Portfolio Committee Chairpersons receive exposure to matters concerning their portfolios.