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Mayor: Cllr SM Kunene

The Statutory functions of the Mayor as set out in sections 49 and 50 of the Structures Act are the following:

  1. Presides at meetings of EXCO;
  2. Performs mayoral duties, including any ceremonial functions;
  3. Exercises the powers delegated to the Mayor by the Municipal Council or the executive committee
  4. Delegation of duties to the Deputy Mayor;
  5. Appointment of Deputy Mayor or any member of EXCO as the Mayor in his/her absence;
  6. To decide when and where the executive committee meets and
  7. To ensure convention of EXCO meeting if requested by majority of EXCO members.
  8. He /She is the political head driving council’s policies strategies; development and service delivery programmes;
  9. Performs the ceremonial; sympathy expression and condolatory functions;
  10. Receives and interviews representatives and delegations from public interest groups, and makes recommendations to the executive committee in this
  11. Represents the Municipality at meetings and functions;
  12. Makes media statements on behalf of the Municipality including publications and announcement of dates for budget roadshows and delivery of projects;
  13. Leads development and strategy process;
  14. Responsible for public relations and external communication function in his/her capacity as the Mayor, in consultation with the Municipal Manager;
  15. Performs all relevant duties in terms of the MFMA;
  16. Decides in consultation with the Municipal Manager, on the items of the agenda of EXCO;
  17. Plays a leadership role in respect of all the delegations and roles of EXCO;
  18. Initiate and lead IDP processes;
  19. Initiate and lead community participation processes on matters falling within his/her responsibility as the Mayor;
  20. Responsible for finance and budget in a council meeting;
  21. Introduce and table draft budget in a council meeting;
  22. Responsible for PMS of the municipality;
  23. Responsible for budget related duties in terms of the MFMA;
  24. Responsible for budget expenditure and delivery of projects to beneficiaries;
  25. Direct supervision of the Municipal Manager.
  26. Approves leave for the municipal manager;
  27. When the council goes into recess, he/she in consultation with the municipal manager takes decisions on behalf of the executive committee or executive councilors which if not taken would in some manner prejudice the council;
  28. Take any necessary decisions if an executive councilor is physically unable to do so which if not taken would in some manner prejudice the Council;
  29. Exercise any of the executive councilor’s powers subject to any Municipal policy;
  30. Responsible for disaster mitigation in consultation with the municipal manager and relevant ward councilors.

Line of Authority

  1. Reports to the executive committee and Council.