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Law Enforcement



    1. Traffic Management – enforcement of traffic legislation and municipal by –laws in Nquthu.
    2. Drivers License unit- eye test, learner’s application, driver’s license renewals, professional driving permits etc.
    3. Awareness’s Campaigns (road safety).
    4. Multidisciplinary roadblocks with other enforcement agencies.
    5. Attending mva’s (accidents).
    6. Promotion and conducting of AARTO to motorists as well as to judicial system.
    7. Conducting of speed timing now and then with an intent to reduce fatalities and wreckages.
    8. Conducting drink and driving (alcohol) operations.
    9. Escorting animal pound master from town and CBD.
    10. Working hand in hand with pound master to reduce accidents cause by animals.


Chief Traffic Officer: Mr B Mkhize
Tel : 034 271 6151/52
Mobile: 072 534 4620
Email Address: