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IDP / PMS Unit

The IDP/PMS unit is located in the office of the Municipal Manager and is responsible for the municipality’s integrated development planning and performance management. This unit is staffed by two personnel comprising the IDP/PMS Manager who reports to the Manager in the Office of the Municipal Manager and the IDP/PMS Officer reporting to the IDP/PMS Manager.

The primary functions of the unit are the following:

Integrated development planning

  1. Give effect to Integrated Development Planning processes prescribed by the Municipal Systems Act by developing and implementing the IDP Process Plan.
  2. Ensure the participation of the public in the planning processes of the municipality.
  3. Compile the municipality’s Integrated Development Plan.

Performance management

  1. Compile the municipal Annual Performance Report and Annual Report.
  2. Compile the municipality’s Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
  3. Ensure effective performance management by producing performance reports and coordinating performance assessments


Useful Documents

IDP/PMS Manager: Mr N Ngcobo

Tel: 034 271 6177
Mobile: 076 607 2474