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Housing Section

Functions of Housing Section ​
  1. Housing Consumer Education whereby all Nquthu residents is educated or made aware about all issues of maintaining a RDP house.
  2. These could include education on water savings, issues of waste management etc.
  3. Tenant Awareness Programmes – This program focuses on hostel tenants in the main and also involves educating tenants on a variety of issues that concern them.
  4. Handling the issues pertaining to housing subsidies. This will include assisting tenants and community members who need low cost houses.
  5. Resolve issues pertaining disputes of Illegal occupation in RDP houses.
  6. Temporary location of caretakers in RDP Houses.
  7. In Operation Sukuma Sakhe – we assist Service Providers to find beneficiaries by communicating with ward Councillors and other stakeholders, e.g. ward committees, CPW’s
  8. Issuing of confirmation letters of ownership in low cost houses.
  9. Taking Responsibility of checking that all houses are having or installed of water meters.
  10. National Housing Needs Register – Managing the National register for Nquthu, a register recording details of people who require RDP houses.
  11. Rental Housing Tribunal – This section assists in the issues of tenant landlord relationship, extending to resolve issues between the mentioned parties. The issues could extend to matters of payments/non-payments, ill-treatment of the other party and so forth.
  12. Implementation of housing project.
  13. Land Administration- by prevention of informal settlements or Illegal structures.
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