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  1. Perform SCM related duties for the unit.
  2. Management and responsible for all municipal Council Support activities.
  3. Promotion of service delivery through Back 2 Basics.
  4. Management and provide for secretarial services to Council, its committees, Management and Audit Committee.
  5. Develop, update and implement administrative policies and procedure manuals as per need.
  6. Ensure the provision of Cleaning Services.
  7. Ensure efficient Messenger Services.
  8. Management of Reception and Switchboard services for the municipality.
  9. Ensuring public participation and ensuring effective Ward Committees.
  10. Capacitate Ward Committees and CDWs on regular basis.
  11. Management of political offices staff such as the office of the Speaker and Office of the Deputy Mayor.
  12. Deal with general administrative work.
Manager: Ms S Zondi
Tel: (034) 271 6130
Mobile: 072 226 998